SLRI Safety Policy

Synchrotron Light Research Institute realizes that safety, occupational health, and workplace environment are vital to both SLRI colleagues and visitors. Therefore, the institute hereby develops the Policy on Safety, Occupational Health, and Workplace Environment to be applied as preventive measures and safety procedures for prevention of occupational hazards. The Policy is also expected to highly increase effectiveness in organization management and control in safety, occupational health, and workplace environment that, consequently, leads to safe performance, good quality of life as well as lower environmental impact.

Radiation Protection

The goal of SLRI radiation safety is to control the radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable according to the principle of ALARA. We use three factors to maintain this principle i.e., time, distance, and shielding.  Radiation dose must be controlled under the dose limit value and complied with the International Commision on Radiological Protection (ICRP) regulations.

Personnel Radiation Monitoring

SLRI provides personnel electronic dosimeters to visitors or the representative persons to have their radiation dose level measured.  While visitors are in radiation area, they are required to always use personnel electronic dosimeters. The radiation dose level received should not exceed 7 micro-sievert per hour.

Women with Pregnancy

Pregnant woman is not allowed to access the Experimental Hall.  She must not expose to any level of radiation which may pose hazard to her fetus.

Persons Under the Age of 16

A Person who is less than 16 years old is not allowed to radiation area (Experiment Station, Storage Ring, Synchrotron Room).  Persons at the age of 16-18 must be closely supervised by supervisor   during visiting in radiation area.

Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment

SLRI provides personal protective equipment (PPE) i.e., safety goggles, chemical protective gloves, masks, face shields, etc.  for visitors’ use.  Related colleagues at SLRI must wear protective equipment appropriate to each task to prevent possible hazards.

First Aid

A first aid bag, containing first aid supplies, can be found at various points around in Experimental Hall area.  In case of severity injury levels, visitors are required to contact SLRI safety staff immediately.

Injection Process

SLRI operates two electron injections a day at 8.00 am and 8.00 pm. to store electrons into storage ring.  Due to SLRI policy, five minutes before each injection, an announcement informing everyone in Experimental Hall to leave the area will be made.  During the time of injection, visitors can spend their time at User’s Common Room and observe the Machine status at the URL  When the SPL Accessible status is shown on the monitor, then accessing to the Experimental Hall area is possible.  The Figure 1 below  shows an example of a monitor presenting the machine status.

Figure 1. Machine status

No Smoking

SLRI strictly implements NO SMOKING policy inside all buildings, except for at the provided smoking areas outside the buildings.  Please notice smoking area signs.

Emergency-fire Alarm

Emergency-fire alarm is signaled by a loud bell.  When the alarm sounds, everyone is required to   immediately evacuate to the assembly point at SLRI parking lot until the situation is back to normal.

Emergency Evacuation from the Building

If the emergency fire alarm sounds:

  • Immediately evacuate from a building via the nearest exit
  • Do not use elevators. Use stairs only.
  • Do not run, just walk.
  • Gather at assembly point immediately.
Personal Health Condition

Visitors who have been fitted with the following medical devices must inform SLRI safety staff on arrival:

  • a cardiac pacemaker or implantable defibrillator
  • a catheter that has metal components
  • a metal clip placed to prevent bleeding from an intracranial aneurysm
  • a medication pump (such as that used to deliver insulin or a pain-relieving drug)
  • a cochlear (inner ear) implant

Please inform SLRI safety staff.

 Further Information

If you have any question about safety, do not hesitate to contact SLRI safety staff at phone No.  +66 44217040 Ext. 1555 or e-mail

Assembly point and  Fire exits