Opening Plenary

Growing Expectations for New Physics - Chris Polly (Fermilab)

MC1: Circular and Linear Colliders

  1. Status of the Circular e+e- Collider Projects in Asia and Europe: CEPC and FCC-ee - Xinchou Lou (IHEP)
  2. The SuperKEKB Has Broken the World Record of the Luminosity - Yoshihiro Funakoshi (KEK)
  3. Muon Colliders: Where Are We? - Daniel Schulte (CERN)
  4. EIC Beam Dynamics Challenges - Derong Xu (BNL)

MC2: Photon Sources and Electron Accelerators

  1. SPS-II: A 4th Generation Synchrotron Light Source in Southeast Asia - Prapaiwan Sunwong (SLRI)
  2. Science Highlights From Hard X-Ray FELs - Thomas Tschentscher (EuXFEL)
  3. A New Compact 3 GeV Light Source in Japan - Nobuyuki Nishimori (QST)
  4. Self-Amplification of Coherent Energy Modulation in Seeded Free-Electron Lasers - Haixiao Deng (SINAP)
  5. New Designs of Short-Period Undulators for Producing High-Brightness Radiation in Synchrotron Light Sources - Erik Jan Wallén (LBNL)
  6. Research and Development Towards Cavity-Based X-ray Free-Electron Lasers - Gabriel Marcus (SLAC)

MC3: Novel Particle Sources and Acceleration Techniques

  1. Progress Towards Demonstration of a Plasma Based FEL - Enrica Chiadroni (INFN/LNF)
  2. Towards High-Repetition Rate Petawatt Laser Experiments With Cryogenic Jets Using a Mechanical Chopper System - Karl Zeil (HZDR, Dresden)
  3. Progress in Developing an Accelerator on a Chip - Robert Joel England (SLAC)
  4. Recent Progress of Compact Laser Plasma Accelerator at Peking University - Chen Lin (PKU, Beijing)

MC4: Hadron Accelerators

  1. The Status of the European Spallation Source - Andreas Jansson (ESS ERIC)
  2. Present Status and Future Plan With Charge Stripper Ring at RIKEN RIBF - Hiroshi Imao (RIKEN Nishina Center)
  3. Achievements and Prospects of LHC Injectors Performance After the Upgrade - Verena Kain (CERN)
  4. FRIB Commissioning and Early Operations - Jie Wei (FRIB, MSU)
  5. High Intensity Beam Accelerator Facilities HIAF and CIADS: Status and Demonstrations of Key Technologies - Hongwei Zhao (IMP)

MC5: Beam Dynamics and EM Fields

  1. Touschek and Intrabeam Scattering Effects in Extremely Low Emittance Storage Rings - Riccardo Bartolini (DESY)
  2. Trapping of Neutral Molecules by the Electromagnetic Beam Field - Giuliano Franchetti (GSI)
  3. Machine Learning as a Tool for Online, Surrogate Modelling of Beam Dynamics - Auralee Edelen (SLAC)
  4. Interpretation of Particle Motion in a Circular Accelerator as Diffraction of Light - Toshihiko Hiraiwa (RIKEN SPring-8 Center)
  5. The Accelerator and Beam Physics of the g-2 Experiment - David Tarazona (Cornell University)

MC6: Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback and Operational Aspects

  1. Accurate and Confident Prediction of Electron Beam Longitudinal Properties Using Spectral Virtual Diagnostics - Adi Hanuka (SLAC)
  2. White Rabbit Based Beam-Synchronous Timing System for SHINE - Yingbing Yan (SSRF)
  3. Status and Prospects in Fast Beam-Based Feedbacks - Wolfgang Höfle (CERN)

MC7: Accelerator Technology

  1. Towards Efficient Particle Accelerators - a Review - Mike Seidel (PSI)
  2. Recent Achievements in the NEG Technology in Application to Coating Vacuum Chambers of Constrained Geometries - Sol Omolayo (LBNL)
  3. Development of Advanced Magnets for Modern and Future Synchrotron Light Sources - Sushil Sharma (BNL)
  4. Low-Emittance Compact RF Electron Gun With a Gridded Thermionic Cathode - Takao Asaka (JASRI)

MC8: Applications of Accelerators, Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations

  1. Accelerating the Future: Designing a Robust and Affordable Radiation Therapy Treatment System for Challenging Environments - Manjit Dosanjh (CERN/Oxford Univ.)
  2. An ERL-Driven Intense Compton Source Above 100 keV and Other ERL Applications - Georg Hoffstaetter (Cornell Univ.)
  3. RIKEN Accelerator-Driven Compact Neutron Systems, RANS Project and Their Capabilities - Yoshie Otake (RIKEN)

Closing Plenary

Synchrotron Light Illuminates the Origin of the Solar System - Tomoki Nakamura (Tohoku Univ.)