Physical Review Accelerators and Beams (PRAB) is inviting papers which expand upon original research or topical reviews presented at IPAC’22.

PRAB is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal published by the American Physical Society (APS). Articles based on IPAC’22 papers and submitted to PRAB will be reviewed through the normal refereeing procedure. If accepted for publication, they will be published as regular PRAB articles. Publication will be timely; articles will be published as soon as they are ready.

In keeping with PRAB policy, papers must contain either important new results in science and/or technology or review active areas of accelerator and particle beam research. Papers in the first category must contain new results. Confirmation of previously published results of unusual importance can be considered as new, as can significant null results. Review articles should review active areas of research in a form that is useful to both practitioners and people entering the field. Authors are asked to give considerable attention to the presentation of their material, making introductions accessible to intermediate graduate students and readers from other fields. The body of each paper should be economically and thoughtfully organized. Papers cannot be identical duplicates of work submitted for publication either to another journal or to conference proceedings, including IPAC’22.

Material previously published, or submitted for publication, in a letters journal or in conference proceedings, and here specifically in the IPAC’22 proceedings, can be the basis of an article in PRAB if the submitted manuscript presents more information, and enables the reader to obtain an improved understanding of the subject. Note that this does not require new physics results as compared to the conference submission, but it does require more details, discussion, etc.

Please see the guidelines for contributors here.

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