Topic: Particle Accelerator Technology: From Research to Industry – Present Global Overview and How to Move Forward

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 14:40 – 16:40

Venue: Grand Diamond Ballroom (Main Hall), IMPACT FORUM


Raffaella Geometrante (General Director of Kyma SpA)

Session Format:

The session will be conducted in a form of round table session with a moderators, and 6 speakers. Moderators and speakers will be all on the stage during the session period. Each presentation and discussion will take 10-15 minutes.

Scope and Aims

Successful industrial engagement can be achieved by coordinated collaboration among industrial, governmental, and academic institutions. The IPAC ’22 industrial session aims to bring together renowned leaders from each of these sectors involving with particle accelerator technologies and applications.  The organized panel discussion will provide opportunities for valuable discussions, exchange of experiences, offer of new perspectives, expression of critical aspects regarding technology transfer, and provision of advices and suggestions for the global accelerator community.

The panel discussion will cover the following sub-topics:

      • Gap analysis and policy deployment
      • Innovation and startups
      • Disruptive on particle accelerator technologies

The first sub-topic will focus on the bridging the gap in transferring new technologies and devices resulting from particle accelerator R&D to real-world applications including lessons learned from the past. Policies and systems used to enhance national and international collaborations in particle accelerator technology industry between public sector and industrial sector will also be addressed.  Example of current collaborative projects will be provided.  These discussions aim to explore effective policies and strategies for removing the barrier in transferring new knowledge and innovation from research to industrial sectors.

The second sub-topic will showcase examples of successful start-up companies related to particle accelerator technology providing opportunity for audience to discover how their innovations or products can attain widespread adoption, and what effective strategies should be utilized. The discussion will also explore the perspective of a big international company which decided to enter into the particle accelerator market.

The third sub-topic will explore opportunities for implementing disruptive technologies arising in particle accelerator R&D to industrial market. The current status and impact of disruptive particle accelerator technologies on human life such as radiotherapy, security system, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) will be discussed.  Case studies and disruptive innovations born from well-known laboratories will be explored. These case studies will provide practical examples of some challenges and opportunities associated with implementation of these technologies as well as potential barriers and bottlenecks. The discussion will include new technologies required in the development of particle accelerators for future industrial systems.

Agenda and Participants

IntroductionRaffaella Geometrante
Subtopic: Gap Analysis and Policy Deployment
–   Strategy of collaboration with industry in ThailandWiboon Rugsancharoenphol
Subtopic: Innovation and StartUps 
–   From “big size markets” to “small size markets”Hans Priem
–   How a small size market company can cross the chasm between a niche market towards wider industrial markets?Enrico Braidotti
Subtopic: Disruptive on Particle Accelerator Technologies 
–   The quest for the miniature accelerator: wishful thinking or the key to expanding the particle accelerator market?Maurizio Vretenar
–   Present status and opportunities for implementing disruptive technologies arising in particle accelerator R&D to industrial marketSandra Biedron
–   Impact of disruptive particle accelerator technologies on human healthSuzie Sheehy
Closing Raffaella Geometrante